Chief Sponsor Bridgeport Central H.S.

Chief Sponsor Bridgeport Central H.S.

July 16, 2018 – Trager Reznitsky Insurance, in conjunction with the Frank Frumento Foundation, knows how important it is to put others before us which is why we are proud to announce being Chief Sponsor for the upcoming Bridgeport Central High School Football season.  Believing in the mission of Bridgeport Public Schools to inspire others in the community to work together in order to serve the students really inspired us to get involved with the team to help the kids play to their full potential.  Hopefully we can inspire others going forward as much as they have inspired us.

Dating back more than a decade current Head Coach of the Bridgeport Central High School football program Derrick Lewis went to high school with Principal Agent Joshua Trager.  Joshua Trager says, “When we found out that Head Coach Lewis was looking to help out the kids, we jumped at the opportunity”. As an office, we’ve all played sports, so we understand the importance of having the right equipment to drive the passion.

In insurance, we’re all about the protection of the people that we love and care about, so it was only fitting that we were able to help the Bridgeport Central High School Football Team with new football helmets for the upcoming season.  As fans, and some still players, it was one of those perfect partnerships that fit hand in hand. We’re looking forward to what the team and Coach Lewis are going to accomplish.

Trying to be more involved in the community, we’re always looking for more and different ways to extend our reach across Connecticut.  If you have a specific charity or request for sponsorship, please contact us today to see if we’re able to lend a helping hand!


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