Storing the proper items in your car can make a huge difference in the case of an emergency. The following 10 essential items are small enough to easily keep within a compact space in your trunk and can come in handy while on the road.

  • First-Aid Kit – Make your own first-aid kit or purchase a pre-assembled kit at any pharmacy or big-box retailer. The kit should have all the basics: bandages, antibacterial wipes, pain reliever tablets, gauze, and medical tape.
  • Flashlight – Pack a waterproof flashlight in both the glove compartment and trunk. Remember to change the batteries regularly to ensure the flashlight will operate when you need it.
  • Jumper Cables – If you’ve never experienced a dead battery in your lifetime, consider yourself lucky. Jumper cables or a jump starter power station can help get you out of a jam.
  • Warm Blankets – As unlikely as it sounds, you never know if you’ll need to seek shelter for hours at a time within your vehicle. Pack at least two warm blankets to curl up with while waiting for help to arrive.
  • Food and Water – Don’t allow you or your passengers to get stuck in your car without sustenance. Keep several bottles of water handy within the vehicle along with some nutrient-dense snacks such as raisins, nuts, and energy bars.
  • Tire Gauge – Having a tire gauge allows you to prevent any problems associated with having low tire pressure.
  • Tire Repair Kit – Tire repair kits can contain patches and sealants that allow you to temporarily fix a tire until you’re able to arrive at a repair shop.
  • Warning Triangles – Keep you and other drivers safe by having a minimum of three warning triangles in your car. These can be placed on the road to alert others to your predicament.
  • Road Flares – Like warning triangles, road flares are helpful at notifying others that you have broken down and are unable to move your vehicle.
  • Duct Tape – Duct tape is a surprisingly useful item that can help make a few quick roadside fixes possible.

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